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Special to The Times Nov 26, Smokers are undoubtedly eager for a quick, effective, misery-free way to quit. Zerosmoke is an acupressure product that promises to help smokers break their habit. The magnetic attraction keeps them in place and puts light pressure on the ear.

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Users are instructed to wear the magnets two to four hours a day. Within seven days, ads claim, addicts will no longer feel the urge to keep lighting up. According to the Zerosmoke TV spot, even serial quitters can finally give up cigarettes forever. It also claims that more than 2 million smokers have tried the product.

Can magnets help kick the habit?

Zerosmoke North America Inc. No documented treatment comes close to such lofty numbers, he says. In addition to nicotine-replacement therapy and group counseling, 12 randomly selected patients received one or two acupressure beads to place on their ears. Unlike Zerosmoke magnets, the beads stuck to the ear with an adhesive backing.

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Seven others had no beads. Subjects in the acupressure group were told to press on the beads several times throughout the day.

No more follow-ups were possible, because just about all of the patients dropped out before the study was over. Dozens of studies have investigated acupuncture, a close cousin to acupressure, as an aid for quitting smoking. Two major reviews of existing science -- including one by the U.

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Public Health Service -- reached the same conclusion: The claim that Zerosmoke works by releasing endorphins does not make biological sense, Fiore says. As he explains, the brain chemical dopamine is what drives smoking addiction. A shortfall of dopamine, not endorphins, makes withdrawal so miserable.

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